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Part of a Balanced Lifestyle

Chiropractic- Part of a Balanced LifestyleChiropractic care provides the foundation for good health. Additionally, it’s important to incorporate healthy behaviors in our daily lifestyle, including regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Although it is common knowledge that good nutrition and exercise are vital for long-term health, very few people actually make these two factors a priority in their lives. Less than 20% of American adults perform 30 minutes of exercise four or five times each week. An astounding 65% of Americans are obese or overweight. The downfall of an unbalanced lifestyle is the overwhelming prevalence of heart disease and diabetes.

The positive news is that people can choose to begin a healthy lifestyle at any time, and reap substantial benefits from it. But the choice has to come from within. No one is going to make healthy choices and take action day after day just because they think they “have to”. Choosing health is something that a person has to choose for themselves, and then follow it up with action. The first choice you can make is including chiropractic care in your Balanced Lifestyle and add exercise and proper nutrition as you progress.

When a person chooses to be healthy and makes a consistent effort to support that, good things begin to happen in all areas of their life.

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Dr. Ali Dean Sakhai

Dr. Ali Dean Sakhai

Doc on the Spot is owned and operated by Dr. Ali Dean Sakhai. Funny name, great doctor, just call him “Doc”. He has been practicing Chiropractic Medicine since graduating Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2009. Previous to this he worked in the customer service and satisfaction industry since graduating Marshall University in 1997.

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  • Jon


    17 February 2015 at 03:00 | #

    I think most people are obese in Alabama because all the good food costs too much. It's a hard decision to spend more money on good food when you can eat bad for so cheap.


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