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If you've been hurt in an accident, don't try to "wait it out", or risk complicating your personal injury. Call us today and set up an appointment to start living pain free.

Reducing the pain and suffering you're feeling while treating the injury is what Dr. Sakhai Chiropractic care specializes in. Doc on the Spot in Huntsville Alabama is an expert in evaluating your injuries to see if it's a slipped disc from lifting something too heavy or your back out of alignment from a fall.

A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination is conducted by a licensed "medical examiner." The term includes doctors of chiropractic (DC), which is exactly what Dr. Sakhai in the Tennessee Valley is.

Dr. Sakhai in Huntsville Alabama has been helping people who suffer from Migraines and Headaches find a better alternative to traditional treatment that gives them long lasting relief with less side effects and more benefits than traditional medications.

Spinal manipulation, joint pain, leg or knee pain, and even Kinesio Tape ®, we want to be your Chiropractor in Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, and throughout the Tennessee Valley.